Toy Size Guide

This page list our toys by thickness and cut of wood not overall size of toys

Thickness and cut style mean everything in a bird toy. Some birds like easy chippy blocks while others enjoy the splintering. Just because a toy has thick cuts of wood does not mean little birds don't enjoy them. We have broken down some of the hassle of choosing toys by grouping them by thickness and cut. Against the grain is an easy chipping block in softwood, with the grain is a bit more of a challenge. Some birds don't care either way but maybe you have a preference on floor debris. *Snicker* If toys have both wood cuts they will be listed twice. 


• Balsa Wood

• 1/4" Pine/Basswood *cut against the grain*

• 1/4" Pine *cut with the grain*

• 1/2" Pine/Basswood *cut against the grain*

• 1/2" Pine *cut with the grain*

• 1" Pine *cut against the grain*

• 1 1/2" Pine *cut with the grain*

• Hardwood