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Dragonwood Perch *Custom Size*
Dragonwood Perch *Custom Size*

Dragonwood Perch *Custom Size*

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Dragonwood Perches *Custom Size*
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Dragonwood Perches *Custom Size*

Full length perches at custom lengths
1-2.25 inch diameter

Choose diameter, choose length, choose exact length without bolt ends. Bolt ends will stick out 1/2"-3/4" off each side.
If you need longer bolt ends please add a note during checkout. You may also note the preferred diameter range within the range selected. 
Please be aware that these are natural perches and the diameter tapers with length. 
Dragonwood is not always straight. Perches will often have waves and curves.
Stainless steel hardware with 1-2" washers

Additional Shipping Information
Due to the custom sizes and weights of these perches our shipping calculator has trouble accurately pricing shipping. 
Any overpayments in shipping will be refunded as store credit. If you would like an accurate estimate before purchase please email [email protected]

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