• Seriously Nutz

Thank you so much for visiting our store! Seriously Nutz was created from a very unique perspective, that perspective is being a large bird owner.

We have shared our lives with large birds for over 25 years. Having a large flock of serious chewers we know how expensive and labor intensive keeping them entertained can be. Our goal is to provide engaging toys and items within a budget that anyone can afford. A budget that will keep even the heaviest chewers supplied with wood. We opened the store in 2017 and have grown so much that it is now my full time job. Every customer and bird means so much to us and we are never too busy answer a chat or email if you have questions about products or would like recommendations!

Seriously Nutz has it's own shop completely separate from our home and flock. Almost every product we carry is made from scratch right here on our property. We cut and color our own wood so it is not always perfect, it does however keep the cost down. We use only bird safe materials but as always supervise your bird with any new toys. 

Meet Our Main Toy Testers

It's a tough job but someone has to do it 

2011 Model Blue & Gold Macaw 1130 Grams 
Favorite Toys: Foot Toys / Chewing Level: Easy
 Loves removing quick links; unties knots instead of chewing wood;
enjoys toys with beads or dowels hammered in; only chews soft wood.

2010 Model Camelot Macaw 1360 Grams 
Favorite Toys: Hanging Wood / Chewing Level: Serious
All wood toys completely obliterated; delayed by hardwood but not halted;
needs quantity of toys over quality; requires a shovel for cage cleaning.

1941-2018 Green Wing Macaw 1000 Grams 
Favorite Toys: Foot Toys / Chewing Level: Hard
Loves foot size hardwood; chips blocks into very small pieces;
enjoys preening poly rope; easy to please senior.

Cha cha    
1998 Model Hyacincth Macaw 1150 Grams 
Favorite Toys: Preening Toys / Chewing Level: Hard
Loves manzanita coins; prefers cotton perches over wood;
spends her day preening toys; very shy of new things.

2003 Model Hyacincth Macaw 1450 Grams 
Favorite Toys: Hanging Wood / Chewing Level: Hard
Loves chewing the perch he is standing on; bends quick links for fun;
chews wood more efficiently when inverted; needs very hardwood.

2003 Model Double Yellow Amazon 520 Grams 
Favorite Toys: Hanging Toys / Chewing Level: Intermediate
Loves chewing everyone's toys but his; chews macaw size wood;
spends his day pulling pieces out of toy buckets; enjoys ripping cardboard.

2011 Model Scarlet Macaw 1000 Grams 
Favorite Toys: Paper Knots / Chewing Level: Medium
Loves untying knots; makes paper spit balls;
enjoys vine pieces & natural items; likes easy wood.

2003 Model Blue & Gold Macaw 950 Grams 
Favorite Toys: Swinging Toys / Chewing Level: Intermediate
Loves hanging toys that can swing when thrown; chews hardwood on occasion;
loves toys with bells that are noisey; enjoys ripping cardboard.

1957 Model Military Macaw 1000 Grams 
Favorite Toys: Hanging Wood / Chewing Level: Medium
Loves hardwood slices; sits in boxes and shreds;
enjoys side mounted wood toys; likes simple small toys.